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if you happen to work here in san jose, the minimum wage jumps $2 from $8 to $10 an hour. one restaurant here in san jose starting paying their workers that $10 an hour back in december. the owner who owns pizza my heart in san jose says he wants to see how the new pay increase works and if it impacts the bottom line and admits prices on the menu had to increase when wages increased. other businesses say they may have to make similar adjustments, charging customers more in the end. the san jose minimum wage increase was approved by voters back in november and at pizza my heart, the transition, so far, it has been government. >> we raised prices roughly 3 percent overall and that was kind of the test to make sure it covers it, and it has so it has been neutral to us overall. who has the highest minimum wage in the nation, san francisco topped the list with workers making $10.55 an hour and santa fe, new mexico, people are paid $10.51 for minimum wake and now san jose is the third highest in the nation paying workers $10 an hour according to the united states department of labor
historica donde cientos de oficiales y miles de personas viajaran desde santa cruz hasta san jose. el infame asesinato aun duele a la comunidad ;01 ;11 ;36 ;47 trt 01;38 con suma tristeza carlos visita el altar de elizabeth, uno de los policias asesinados en santa cruz... nunca fueron amigos, pero ella siempre estuvo armada con una sonrisa para el.... entrevista carlos basilio pero las balas asesinas de jeremy goulet acabaron su vida y la de su companero de turno el sargento butch baker... la semana pasada en un mortal tiroteo... hoy, solo queda el altar de sus recuerdos y la reflxion ante una santa cruz mas peligrosa... entrevista alberto perez bridge angel ayllon mas de 200 vehiculos de policia y cuerpo de bomberos junto con miles de residentes de la bahia iniciaran a las 9 de la manana la marcha funebre desde santa cruz hasta san jose para dar el ultimo adios a dos oficiales que caen en el cumplimiento de su deber.... entrevista seran miles quienes viajaran por las autopistas 17, 85 y 87 para asi llegar al hp pavillion y realizar las exequias... advirtiendo una monumental congestion en es
to a man, a stranger, standing over her bed in san jose. the shock didn't end there. the man was a registered sex offender on parole, and he was tracking police with an app. kris sanchez joins us from san jose this evening with what we now know about the suspect. kris? >> reporter: well, as you mentioned, raj, he is a parolee and we know he is registered as a transient. he tried to use technology to avoid capture. he still got caught after breaking into that south san jose home. when san jose police were searching for an attempted sexual assault suspect around 3:20 this morning, that suspect, 29-year-old ryan campbell, was listening to them on their radio. he heard them coming. he was running an app on his smartphone that allowed him to listen to police scanners. >> it was sent to the san jose southern division channel 2, actually trying to monitor our officers as they were respond ing to the crime. >> reporter: equally shocking when he broke into this home and stood over a woman's bed, he was wearing an ankle bracelet, a condition of his parole on a burglary conviction. but
will be set aside today. we will see three mayors coming together, the mayors of santa clara, san jose, and san francisco, promoting the idea of having a super bowl right here in this new same. they are promising a dynamic super bowl where you do not have to worry about electricity. they promise you will thought see a power outage like the super bowl in new orleans. the new stadium will have two new electrical substations and solar panels to provide extra energy. the new stadium is about 30 percent complete. it is set to open next year. it will cost about $1.2 billion to build. it is a finalist to host the 2016 super bowl. it is now between santa clara and south florida. this is the first super bowl here in the bay area since 1985 and 49er owner says the bid committee will present the bid at ownerss' meeting in may when the host city is chosen, so, today the mayors, the c.e.o., all will be showing off the stadium. they will give tours to the media. they will lay out the reasons why the super bowl should be held right here in santa clara. >> thank you. palo alto police have released a s
for it. >> in 2009, the office of san jose vice mayor, comerica bank and two dozen banks and organization have given out 3,000 dresses to girls through operation prom dress. >>> one small community sits right in the heart of the east bay, tucked between san leandro and castro valley but ashland is often overlooked. >> with the helpf one lady and a group of young people, ashland is in the spotlight. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has their story in tonight's bei ay area proud. >> reporter: if there's anywhere in the world that hillary bass is most comfortable, it's squeezed into a small room surrounded by a bunch of lively teenagers it is, after all, how hillary spent much of the past ten years, talking with them, dreaming with them, and on this day, celebrating with them. >> we did this. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: their remarkable story begins in 2004 when hillary, then just 24, took a job as a residential services coordinator at the eden house apartment complex in ashland. she quickly bombeded with a core group of about a dozen of the young people who lived there. >> this is the co
lives in san jose after they were held for ransom for 18 months. two have been arrested. the mother was in the united states illegally looking for work in washington state. she asked the suspects to bring the children to the united states and she paid them repeatedly. $5,000, eventually but the suspects never brought the kids here and threatened to kill them if she went to the police. she fine -- finally did. the two are held on felony charges in san jose. >> an assault rifle stolen from a san francisco police car on saturday has been recovered. police have released few details of how or where they got the weapon back. the ar-15 was taken from an unmarked car like this one which was parked and locked while officers were working in the market neighborhood. it is only issued to specially trained officers. >> a memorial is held on thursday for the two santa cruz police officers shot and killed in the line of duty last tuesday. a motorcade is scheduled to start at 8:45 on ocean street. the memorial for detective sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler was moved to the pavili
the morning news and it will continue as a funeral procession makes its way to san jose. in the meantime we are learning now information about the man who shot and skilled the two. jeremy was moving out of his house when detectives arrived at his door. he just lost his job at a coffee shop and was getting ready to move. the shooting took place outside of his home. >>> a patient became allstateed and start -- agitated and started a fire, here is more with tara moriarty. >> reporter: a person set a small fire and you can imagine there were some frayed nerves in the emergency room. a patient became disgruntled and barricaded himself inside a small room. a police negotiator talked the man with in to surrender within two hours. >> i heard all of the commotion, 25 squad cars flying by and i see a number of police officers running around the hospital with their firearms out. >> the fire was confined to one room and caused minimal damage. nobody was injured in the standoff. he will now undergo a mental evaluation. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> there was another incident. this one i
will come in and tear down a homeless encampment in san jose but still people holding their ground. we'll tell you more about what's going to be happening. >>> well good morning. it's is friday. a day personally made for pam cook. >> thank you. >> it's friday march 8th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. get to sleep in tomorrow. it's international women's day add. so happy international women's day. >> congratulationses to you. >> thank you. >> in honor of that, how about we warm it up. >> nice. >> we'll warm it up. it's going to be a fabulous weekend. if you like 70s. if you like the sunshine, i have great news for you. it's coming our way. we have a look at storm tracker 2. we're dealing with mostly cloudy skies over most of the bay area. the north bay partly cloudy at this time catch a little bit of rain there off the coast. santa cruz picked up 3 tenths of rain. san jose picked up some. gillroy picked up two tenths. so not finished completely. it's moving out of here. i'll show you who will have the best chance at a lingering shower and your t
in the next report but right now we are looking at san jose and 85 and 17, we will be watching that closely because of the memorial service and on the sunole grade, we are heading south, let's go back to the desk. >>> it happened hours ago, a chilling threat from north korea, it involves weapons in the united states. >>> and we are attending the public memorial honoring two fallen heroes. >>> winds are not much of a factor, cool temperatures in the 30s and 40s and we will tell you about increased chances of rain in your afternoon forecast, stay tuned. . >>> getting ready to say goodbye, we will tell you about the procession getting ready to leave in a few hours. >>> a horrible hit-and-run, what police are saying about the driver. >>> we have rain showers coming offshore and coming up i will let you know when it is coming up in your neighborhood. >>> and threat, how the un hopes to address it. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us this thursday march 7th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark and we will check weather
country encrypt their radio transmission, san jose p.d. does not. >> thank you. >>> santa clara county will spend a million dollars to replace george sirocawa. he resigned last friday after the district attorney charged him with 12 counts of corruption. he now faces up to a year in jail. after lengthy debate this morning, the board decided the transparency of an election is needed as opposed to appointment. the winner of the special election will serve out the remainder of shirokawa's term. his second when he resigned. >>> there is trouble in the bay area skies. tonight crews are inspecting an alaskan airliner jet. it took off after 11:00 this morning. after 20 minutes into the flight, the captain received a warning about a possible fire in the right engine. the plane made a u-turn and headed back to the airport where firefighters were waiting on the runway. fortunately it touched down safely. all 47 passengers and the crew are okay. >>> from the air to the road. the bay area tops a list that no one wants to be on. it's a list of megacommuters. those are people who travel more t
... blanca ---un avion que habia despegado del aeropuerto de san jose con destino a "boise" idaho, tuvo que realizar un aterrizaje de emergencia debido a problemas en uno de sus motores. take vo ---el vuelo numero 24-04 de "alaska airlines" partio de san jose a las 11 con 8 minutos de esta maÑana y 20 minutos despues el piloto recibio una alerta de incendio en uno de los motores por lo que decidio regresar. ---el vuelo logro aterrizar sin problemas. ---los pasajeros tomaron otro vuelo para llegar a su destino. blanca ---una mujer en el sur de san jos, despert esta maÑana con un intruso en su recamara. pitch - cesar el intruso result ser un delincuente sexual, que traa ropa interior de mujer en sus bolsillos... stop open roll open take 2 box ---jaime peluffo nos acompaÑa con los pormenores.. jaime.. take jaime live cu - peluffo la polica dice que el sujeto intento utilizar la tecnologa para escabullirce de la polica. :01 - :06 :20 - :25 :45 - :48 trt: 1:37 o.c. delincuente profesional. s.o.t. :55:00 that's alright. esta es la vctima del incidente de esta madrugada.. la mujer de 52 aÑos n
the procession on highway 17 as it traveled from santa cruz to san jose. >>> when i see something like this happen, it is just unbelievable. it brings tears to your eyes. what has happened to our commitments. >>> there were -- to our communities. > >>> now, we posted much more of the memorial on our panel two website. at you will find video, slide is shows and information on the scalareship funds that have been set up for the officer's children. >>> lots of bay area officers attended and thieves took notice. coming up at 4:45. the shocking robbery in the santa cruz area and why the timing is is no coincidence. >>> police are trying to track down two people who broke into a home but they recovered the items. christian is is at the scene where one person was injured. christian? >> reporter: we have the audio issue worked out. we will look at the home targeted bit the home invasion suspect this is morning. this home here on the 2100 block of 23rd street. they say the whole home invasion incident happened shortly after midnight. early this morning. they confirmed for us that two
gate bridge picked up by now. elsewhere we go to san jose, i believe, we have road work on north 101 from tully with a lane of traffic closed until 5:30 this morning. kristen and katie? >> thank you. the controversy around nascar and why some are upset about an upcoming sponsor. >> another big blizzard is headed east with some areas getting a huge snowy blast. >> but, first, forbes has the new ranking of billionaires and the c.e.o. of heinz talks. >> the dow jones industrial average opened this morning at 14,128, just 37 points from the all-time record set back in october of 2007. heinz got a big golden parachute for the c.e.o. who gets more than $200 million if he is fired or pushed out. part of it is a severance package. >> and the richest billionaire is in mexico with a net worth of $73 billion and microsoft's bill gate is next, at $67 billion. >> starbucks has their first new permanent beverage in 12 years, permanent beverage in 12 years, with hazelnut [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right
all of the above but were told police were not able to make an arrest. that's one san jose husband and wife say they're facing right now. stephanie trong has the story. she's in san jose with more. stephanie? >> reporter: good evening. the city of san jose hit a near 20-year high in hom sides and property crimes last year. san jose police say they're dealing with too much with limited resources. the people we spoke with today wants officers to spend more time catching criminals behind these home break-ins before they turn violent. >> front door. >> the door was unlocked. >> reporter: bobbie majors came home with her kids to her home to find it had been broken in to. >> this right here. >> reporter: her husband paul says the thieves used a bat to bust through the bathroom window, stealing valuables worth about $20,000. mostly heirloom jewelry including what his wife wor on their wedding day. >> it's frustrating. >> reporter: lucky break number one. majors said the next door neighbor's security camera caught the guys and the car pulling up. >> the officer when he saw it today could e
in concord. 73 for napa. low 70s santa rosa. down into the south bay san jose you're checking in at 70 degrees. 69 in mountain view. 71 as we go inland for livermore. 70s for concord as well. the extended forecast as we get through today it's going to be a nice one and then tomorrow just as nice. but the warming trend continuing the over night lows will begin to bump up the afternoon highs will continue as well. by wednesday it looks like we peak 76 degrees temperatures in the afternoon. we remain dry on thursday and it looks like the try pattern will continue into the weekend. >>> a modern twist on an age old process. how social media is playing a role in the process of finds a new pope and what is being done at the vatican now to keep technology out. >>> hundreds of couples stay parked in a public display of affection. >>> but let's take you outside. a live look at 101 in san francisco. reminder if you are driving in san francisco today, part of the embarcadero will be closed from the ballpark down toward fish -- down toward fisherman's wharf. time now is 7:10. >>> welcome back on th
are waking up to dry weather but we could see some rainfall overnight. over one-half inch in san jose practically nothing in the san jose--livermore. officeas we take a look of the extended forecast, not much expected. a cold start with 36 and the future test is tracking the temperatures throughout the day. you can see by lunch mainly 50s and 60s for some of the north bay communities. just a few degrees as we go for the evening hours if you're going to be going out and about. 40's and '50's. pretty mild conditions for the next 24 hours 61 degrees in sunnyvale. fairfield, 63 degrees. 58 in union city. 59 degrees in berkeley. your kron 4 7 day around the bay showing the warm-up will really begin tomorrow. temperatures getting into the upper 60s for and 70 degrees territory as we start the next workweek. in the meantime, not looking at any hotspots a great time to leave your house. here is the live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like traffic speeds of the incline and on the upper deck. at the san mateo bridge is practically empty. and cellphone 101south bound-101,
butler in hostage negotiation training. >>> the memorial for the two officers will be held at san jose's hp pavilion next thursday march 7 at noon. the service was moved to handle what is expected to be a large crowd. >>> today more than a dozen people who can't afford health insurance are getting some much- needed care for free. doctors and nurses at kaiser permanente in san francisco are volunteering their services to perform free surgeries. about 30 patients have been selected to receive those treatments. the organization operation access is spearheaded today's effort. this is the 20th year the group has provided free surgical care. >> you talked about it at the top of the newscast. a beautiful sunrise. let's turn it over to rose mary and see what we're looking forward to today. >> a good looking day. not as warm as we have been. those days are over. yesterday was the warmest day. into the 70s yesterday. today, widespread 60s. again, we will see the filtered sunshine. high clouds overhead. already, this morning, we will continue for your afternoon, and giving you a view there, of sa
celebrada en san francisco... blanca ---gabriela dellan esta en una iglesia catolica de san jose para recoger las impresiones de los feligreses... stop open roll open take 2 box cesar ---pero comenzamos con rogelio mora tagle desde la ciudad del vaticano...... take pkg ;01 ;04 2;00 cesar ---al momento que se hizo efectiva la renuncia del papa, comenzo la etapa de preparacion para buscar a un sucesor... take video cave ---mientras la sede esta vacante, el "camarlengo" sera provisionalme nte el maximo responsable de la iglesia...... ---despues, el decano del colegio cardenalicio envia cartas a todos los cardenales para convocar las congregacion es generales.. ---durante las congregacion es se decidira la fecha del conclave... take video cave 2 ---la eleccion sera en la capilla sixtina... ---al llegar a un acuerdo, se queman las papeletas de votacion que producen humo blanco que anuncia la eleccion del nuevo pontifice... blanca ---a miles de millas de distancia, feligreses del area de la bahia se unieron hoy de forma simbolica a los eventos en el vaticano. pitch - cesar ---en san francis
best rainfall totals are the greatest: santa rosa is .84. only .1" in san jose. >> the rain mean as winter storm warning in the sierra today. here is westbound interstate 80, the c.h.p. is requiring chains or snow tires on 80. you can see why. highway 50, as well, in eldorado county. this is heavenly resort at lake tahoe courtesy of lake tahoe tv and the skiers are enjoying the fresh snow. lots of it, lots of powder expected to fall on the ski resorts before the weekend. >> there are new details this morning about the man who shot and killed two santa cruz police officers last week. deputies say jeremy goulet lost his coffee shop job, sold his motorcycle and told the house mates he was moving out. police say sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective butler were at his house to investigate a groping case when he opened fire on them february 26. santa cruz police officer have invited the public to a casket viewing for detective sergeant baker and detective butler those on ocean street in santa cruz. the public memorial for detective butler and detective sergeant baker is tomorrow
"woodheaven drive"... ---un oficial de la policia de san jose disparo con consecuencias fatales contra un conductor... ===two box=== blanca ---gabriella dellan se encuentra en vivo en el lugar de los hechos.. ---cuentanos gabriela que estan diciendo las autoridades con respecto a este incidente? gaby intro habla gaby on camera cue to take video --- segun fuentes estan diciendo las autoridades con respecto a este incidente? gaby intro habla gaby on camera cue to take video --- segun fuentes oficiales gabriela text cue para sargento bite el sargento jose cardoza nos relata lo sucedido... take sot sgto. jose cardozo vocero alguacil de santa clara more text from gaby cue for nex sots esto fue lo que nos dijeron... hablan los vecinos al final del sot back to gaby more gaby on camera cesar ---un motociclista de 31 aÑos de edad murio durante un choque producto de lo que se cree fue una carrera ilegal en una la autopista 680... take map ---el percance ocurrio ayer poco antes de las seis de la tarde a la altura de la calle "rudgear".. ---segun reportes iniciales de la patrulla de caminos, la vict
flight made an emergency landing this morning at san jose international airport. the flight bound for idaho just departed san jose when a light came on in the cockpit indicating a fire in the right side engine. fire crews were ready when the dual propeller plane landed, but there was no fire to put out. the faa says the engine appeared to be scorched possibly indicating a small fire that was out by the time the plane landed. 48 passengers were on board and no one was hurt. >>> a public's casket viewing has been scheduled tomorrow for the two members of the santa cruz police force killed in the line of duty. the viewing is set to take place tomorrow between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. at the santa cruz memorial on ocean street. anyone wishing to pay their respects is invited to attend. detectives were gunned down one week ago today by a suspect who was later shot and killed by other officers. >>> on thursday hundreds of law enforcement vehicle plan to lead a 33-mile procession from santa cruz to san jose's hp pavilion where the public memorial service will take place. traffic is expected to
windy all day. take a look at these peak wind gusts. half-moon bay, san jose state university and novato all with wind gusts of 40 miles per hour. there's a cold front moving through tonight which will keep the rain chance around but we're not done yet. big area of low pressure sliding by this week keeping the rain chance elevated. details how long that rain is going to stick around coming up in about ten minutes. >> all right. see you then. >>> take a live look at the bay bridge tonight. this side of the island, it's all about that. the bay lights. our installation is up and running on the western span from treasure island into the city of san francisco. we have team coverage tonight starting with kristen airs who shows us how all this works. kristen. >> that's right. ken, they pushed a button just about two hours ago and just take a look at it. this is the flashiest that the san francisco bay bridge has ever looked at 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high, this is the largest led light structure in the world and tonight we watched it come alive. >> tonight bay bridge sparkled. >> it's gorge
. crime concerns are much lower in san jose and san francisco. and you can find the full results of that poll on our website, >>> well, oakland police did have something to celebrate today. they recovered a priceless piece of california history taken in a brazen museum burglary. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo shows us the case is far from closed. >> reporter: the jewelry box is exactly where it should be. it's in the museum behind me but it is still a mystery as to who took it and what were they going to do with it? >> it's been many sleepless nights. >> reporter: it may look like just an expense every jewelry box but this piece of california gold rush history evokes a lot of emotion. it's one of the iconic pieces in this museum. and when the oakland museum of california director got the call yesterday that it had been recovered -- >> i cried. i was in my car, pulled over and burst into tears. >> reporter: oakland police say 45-year-old parolee andre franklin has been charged with possession of stolen property. they have been loo
francisco... y gabriela dellan nos habla de otra en san jose. cesar ---pero comenzamos con un reportaje de rogelio mora tagle sobre la despedida del papa. 0:01 0:20 1:20 take pkg cesar ---al momento que se hizo efectiva la renuncia del papa, comenzo la etapa de preparacion para buscar a un sucesor... take video cave ---mientras la sede esta vacante, el "camarlengo" sera provisionalme nte el maximo responsable de la iglesia...... ---despues, el decano del colegio cardenalicio envia cartas a todos los cardenales para convocar las congregacion es generales.. ---durante las congregacion es se decidira la fecha del conclave... take video cave 2 ---la eleccion sera en la capilla sixtina... ---al llegar a un acuerdo, se queman las papeletas de votacion que producen humo blanco que anuncia la eleccion del nuevo pontifice... cesar ---esta noche se llevo a cabo una emotiva eucaristia en la catedral saint joseph en san jose blanca - pitch ---muchos fieles catolicos conmemoraro n el ultimo dia del papa bendicto 16 como sumo pontifice. take 2 box ---gabriela dellan nos amplia.. 0:01 0:13 0:32 1:10 1:23
of you using a the benicia bridge like porches in san jose. >> we will continue to monitor your rank. on futurecast 4:06 a.m. light showers. spotty in nature nothing to organized. thistle continue to drop the day. you need to keep your umbrellas handy around lunchtime. >> 3:00 p.m. rain in the north bay. showers will continue to wednesday evening and thursday as well due to the instability with the system. small hail, a pop up thunderstorms, and lightning along the coastline is a possibility. >> that is what is on tap for tomorrow. temperatures not bad. 49 and vallejo. 51 for san francisco. taking a look at wednesday you have heard howling drop the morning. 17 per mile an hour winds. >> 23 around the oakland hills. >> dusty conditions as she stepped outside. heading into the afternoon everyone in the mid to upper 50s. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows will continue weather as we transition into tomorrow. friday that mix of sun and cloud into the upper 50s. a gradual warm up heading into the weekend. push your clocks forward. it will fill like springtime yet again bec
incidente ocurrio el domingo pasado en san jose cuando la familia encontro a la mascota con diversas heridas en el cuello y cabeza. ---al parecer francisco lopez ...disparo varias veces con su pistola de balines contra el animalito. ---ahora lopez, enfrenta acusaciones de crueldad animal y efectuar amenazas terroristas. cesar ---un avion que habia despegado del aeropuerto de san jose con destino a "boise" idaho, tuvo que realizar un aterrizaje de emergencia debido a problemas en uno de sus motores. take vo ---el vuelo numero 24-04 de "alaska airlines" partio de san jose a las 11 con 8 minutos de esta maÑana y 20 minutos despues el piloto recibio una alerta de incendio en uno de los motores por lo que decidio regresar. ---el vuelo logro aterrizar sin problemas. ---los 48 pasajeros tomaron otro vuelo para llegar a su destino. stop open cesar ---continua creciendo un altar improvisado en la ciudad de campbell... take vo ...para honrar la memoria de un adolescente de 18 aÑos que fue asesinado el domingo por la tarde. ---segun la policia, richard vega, caminaba por la calle cuando alguien se le
southbound, then, north on highway 87 to san jose. our live coverage of the service begins at 11:00 a.m. here on abc 7 news and abc 7 cal train offering free service to the memorial for members of law enforcement6z te city is offering four metro bus vouchers for those with no other way to the service. go to abc 7 for details. >> we are learning new details about the man who shot and killed those two police officers last week. deputies say jeremy goulet lost his coffee shop job, sold his motorcycle and told house mates he was moving out. police say the sargeant and detective went to golet's house to investigate a groping case. goulet opened fire on theme a lion mauled and killed an employee inside of a cage in a wild animal sanctuary. it happened in the big cat haven in dunlap. deputies put down the lion when they arrived. >> this is very rare. because of the safety requirements, animal employee interaction was limited other than a showcase situation this, is a situation where you have had someone too close to one. >> the facility houses several exotic species. >> bay area
: this is the lowest the unemployment has been since 2008. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu. >>> the positive job's report pushed the dow to a new record close. the dow gained 67 points today. in -- >>> one delicatessen owner is not very pleased with the fact wages are going up. >> i'm not in support of this measure, no. any time we can cut costs or not have to pay more, we're going to try and do that. >> reporter: workers are seeing the raise thanks to a measure that was passed last november. essentially it will mean an extra $80 a week for full time workers. >>> a man pled not guilty for charges that he tried to explode a car bomb at a bank. leneza was being monitored when he took what he thought was a real bomb to a bank of america branch. they said leneza hoped to trigger a civil war. government agents say they arrested him after he tried to blow up that phony bomb. leneza is due back in court in april. >>> the son-in-law of osama bin laden appeared in federal circuit court. . sulaiman bu ghaith pled not guilty to try to kill americans. bu ghaith is believed to be involved more in -- >>> a m
golden gate ya que alli se detecto la seÑal de su telefono por ultima vez... blanca ---en san jose, un maestro fue detenido bajo cargos de poseer pornografia infantil. take vo ---nathan forsteel, de 44 aÑos, fue detenido ayer en el ste de la ciudad, luego de que un grupo de agentes realizara un cateo a una vivienda ubicada sobre la calle "la pala drive" y encontraran material pornografico infantil. ---el sospechoso daba clases en una primaria de "seaside", en el condado de monterey. topvo cesar ---siempre en san jose, la policia investiga porque un delincuente sexual pudo viajar con un grupo de estudiantes en un autobus escolar mientras los alumnos regresaban de una excursion... ---el incidente ocurrio el pasado 14 de febrero cuando la madre de un estudiante, solicito que su amigo viajara con ellos en el autobus aun sin tener el permiso del distrito escolar.. ---los alumnos son de las preparatorias "andrew hill y silver creek"... blanca ---momentos de panico vivio hoy una anciana de san jose quien al despertar, encontr a 3 hombres enmascarados dentro de su hogar. take vo ---la policia
50s and san jose is at 50s, there is a lot of low clouds and instead of a northeast breeze, we have no doubt about it. an on shore breeze, we have a much different pattern when it was sunnyside up and not a cloud in site. we will continue to push in that low cloud deck. this computer model forecast, i am jumping ahead to give you an idea on timing. 2 and 3:00, i think you can push this back a little bit. 4:00 moves to the north bay. by tomorrow night done be surprise fire department it stall -- don't be surprised if it stalls out and does not get out of hereby thursday. that does pick up some local drizzle. only inland temperatures will warm up and it looks like the system is moving south, breeze sane clear on the weekend but very chilly mornings. >>> they are trading lower than follows the trends in asia overnight. chair eye hell over 3% because they would require lower payments and higher second loans to keep things rising too quickly. checking in on our numbers, it is a slightly lower opening as well they continue to hamper our economy here, earnings are not great. the european
. the viewing comes one day before a public memorial service at san jose's hp pavilion. the city of santa cruz and metro are offering bus vouchers for those heading to thursday's memorial from santa cruz to san jose. the vouchers are for people with special needs or with no other way to attend. the city is also broadcasting the memorial at the kaiser permanente arena and del ma r- rbg theater both of which are in santa cruz. ktvu will follow the coverage live as the funeral procession makes its way from santa cruz to the hp pavilion in san jose. >>> santa clara supervisor george sirakawa left office in disgrace for spending public money on gambling and other abuses. robert handa has today's board decision on how to fill his vacant seat. >> reporter: there was a noticeable face missing today with the portraits of the santa clara board supervisors are displayed. he has agreed to plead guilty to numerous felony charges including spending campaign and public funds to feed a gambling addiction. today the board unanimously voted to hold a special election scheduled for june 4th rather than appoint a
policia continua investigando la muerte de un joven en san jose.. pitch cesar ---la victima fue apuÑalada esta tarde en el sur de la ciudad.. take 2 box -- gabriela dellan en vivo nos tiene mas detalles. gaby --- estamos a tan solo 0:21 pkg -- a eso de las cuatro de la tarde .. la policia indico haber recibio una llamada en relacion a un cuerpo en el parque guadalupe oak grove ubicado en almaden valley en el sur de san jose... cuando llegaron a la escena del crimen encontraron a un joven de aproximadamente 20 aÑos con heridas que parecen ser de armas blancas. -- la victima fue pronunciada muerta al instante... sot :2:49 "probably a lot of residences are going to be scatricng their heads when thei read the news paper tomorrow 2:54" -- este oficial seÑalo que la noticia de seguro tomara por sorpresa a muchos residentes cuando lean los periodicos maÑana, ya que este es un vencidario considerado seguro y muy transitado. -- la identidad de la victima aun no se ha querido revelar hasta que se realicen las pruebas medicas correspondie ntes. outro -- hasta el momento se desconoce el motivo de
to the lower 50s. santa rosa, currently 44. downtown san francisco, 49 and san jose reporting mostly cloudy skies and the current temperature, 50 degrees. a few hours for today, especially for this morning and cold rain expected for tomorrow. as this area of low pressure approaches. the cold front moves across the area overnight. we will have a sun/cloud mix and then cold rain for tomorrow. this is an unstable air mass. we're talking about some thunderstorms and possibly low snow levels down to 3,000 feet. here's our forecast models showing you this. and then into the afternoon hours, it drops off on the coverage quite a bit. but still a chance and then into tonight, look what happens. we have development offshore and into tomorrow morning, that will be the source of some more rain showers and a chance of a few thunderstorms. today, some clouds, breaks in the clouds, passing shower, especially for this morning. temperatures mainly in the 50s for afternoon highs. look ahead, we could be tracking some thunderstorms for your thursday. partly sunny skies on friday. with your weekend always in v
. >> reporter: this is the lowest the unemployment has been since 2008. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu. >>> the positive job's report pushed the dow to a new record close. the dow gained 67 points today. in -- >>> one delicatessen owner is not very pleased with the fact wages are going up. >> i'm not in support of this measure, no. any time we can cut costs or not have to pay more, we're going to try and do that. >> reporter: workers are seeing the raise thanks to a measure that was passed last november. essentially it will mean an extra $80 a week for full time workers. >>> a man pled not guilty for charges that he tried to explode a car bomb at a bank. leneza was being monitored when he took what he thought was a real bomb to a bank of america branch. they said leneza hoped to trigger a civil war. government agents say they arrested him after he tried to blow up that phony bomb. leneza is due back in court in april. >>> the son-in-law of osama bin laden appeared in federal circuit court. . sulaiman bu ghaith pled not guilty to try to kill americans. bu ghaith is believed to be invol
will be held at noon. that will be at hp pavilion in downtown san jose. a motorcade will take the caskets from santa cruz to san jose and you can watch live coverage of tomorrow's service right here on kpix 5. >>> the other big story today is the weather. it's been wet and windy all night. and there's more rain to come. kpix 5 meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the system. hi-def doppler and foul weather turtleneck is on. >> that's right. and i'm loving it! just nice to see the rain again. it's been so darn dry the first part of the year but looks like we are back in the rainy weather pattern now. the gusty winds out there, the main cold front has swept on through but it looks like more showers are on the way on and off today. we'll get some sunny breaks in between but still you will see some brief downpours. the heaviest rainfall right now toward the gilroy, morgan hill area, toward the 101 in hollister, traveling in that location be very careful. you will see puddles on the roads. and some very slick conditions. still, as we head throughout t
of america in san jose. although the charges have nothing to do with that position, the boy scouts have banned him from the organization. you can read more about that decision online atñ tony cove less can i. >> if you have a tip, give us a call. send us an e-mail to the unit. >>> for the sixth time in less than a week. a bay area police department is investigating a shooting and it is one of its own officers has pulled the trigger. tonight an officer involved shooting in san francisco. this is near the intersection of george court and engle street in the hunter's point neighborhood. a suspect was hurt and taken to the hospital. no word yet on that person's condition. . ? venezuelan officials are calling for peace and unity after the death of hugo chavez. it is in the middle of the night there but mourners are still gathered to mourn chavez who lost his battle with cancer. his death ignited riots in the deeply divided country and inspired vigils and debate in the bay area. stephanie spoke with local venezuelans about the future of that country and its relationship w
informado de daÑos materiales o victimas.. pkg en este mapa vemos a san jose de pinula...ubicad o unas seis millas de la capital guatemalteca .. y que hoy fue el epicentro de un sismo de 6.2 grados en la escala de richter y con una profundidad de 91 millas a pesar de la magnitud del temblor muchos residentes reportaron casi no haberlo sentido .. y algunos testigo dijeron que permanecia la calma aun luego de que la tierra se sacudiera. por el momento ningun cuerpo de socorro ha informado de daÑos materiales o humanos en algun punto del territoria nacional el sismo tambien sacudio localidades fronterizas de el salvador e incluso la capital donde tampoco se reportaron perdidas materiales o humanas algunos medios locales indicaron que el sismo se debio a una falla local cabe seÑalar que a principios de marzo guatemala sufrio otro sismo en el suroeste del pais, tampoco se registraron victimas o daÑos y en noviembre pasado mas de 50 personas murieron en un temblor de 7.5 . gaby -- hace dos aÑos el pais fue sacudido por una serie de sismos que dejaron 250 damnificados y 21 viviendas daÑadas..
. a 2-inch gas main this afternoon collapsed because of construction work. it happened at san jose avenue and duncan street near st. luke's hospital. now we just spoke to a pg & e official who says the pipe broke after a construction crew dug a deep trench without shoring up the wall. the pipe twisted and broke. this all happened around 3:15 and pg & e crews stopped the flow of gas in about an hour. the evacuations and shelter in place order were lifted in the last hour. streets in the area have also been reopened but four apartment buildings are without gas but repairs should be finished by 7:00 tonight. >>> now back to the death of venezuelan president hugo chavez. he's been sick for some time and he was only 58 years old. robert handa is live with the reaction of the venezuelan community here. >> reporter: well today that atmosphere shifted a bit as news came that the venezuelan leader had died. today venezuela's vice president lashed out at the country's enemy. chavez's declining health loomed over the country. >> there was this feeling that he really was already dead. but the
of a homeless encampment and san jose. a cleanup is scheduled for this item. stanley roberts takes a look at people be getting badly. >>dogs barking. >> i am at a homeless encampment in san jose does located just under the approach to mineta san jose international airport. this in cabinet is scheduled for cleanup by the city of san jose because of its size in fact notices have been posted. >> what started out as one tent from a man simply known as dennis. has grown into dozens of tents and lots of trash, some reports said there are many as 100 separate encampment. in the middle of this area is a random street sign reading every and walnut streets. then there is the sign reading no trespassing, this land is close to the public know its record occupation. but what i noticed, as if every homeless encampment there a lot of bicycles and this electric go ped scoter valued at $1,200. getting a fresh charge from this gas powered generator which is lelet's stop the video here is also powering his lap top located inside the tent. this encampment is unique in fact that this attent actually has a car
periods of rain. one exiting san jose driving on interstate 5 periods of off and on rain but nothing too heavy or too hard. forecast for today showers make their way down l.a. again, not a huge, huge inconvenience. >> thanks so much, bill. >>> turning now to entertainment, "daily show" host jon stewart is taking a three-month break this summer to direct his first film. no, it's not a comedy, but a drama based on a true story about one journalist's imprisonment following the 2009 iranian presidential election. comedian john oliver will guest-host. >> the band train is pulling out of this year's boy scout jamboree. they cited the boy scouts anti-gay policy as a reason. >>> did kate middleton accidentally reveal she's having a girl? a telegraph reports when the duchess accepted a teddy bear, she said, "thank you, i'll take that for my da"-- with a "d." middle in the denied she was about to take it for her daughter. >>> well, tony stark fans rejoice, "ironman 3" is officially in production -- and we have a sneak peek. >> we're buying tickets right now. >>> and finally, could this song replac
in san jose will host the service next thursday on march 7th. the details of the service is still pending, but the investigation is moving forward with police now looking for this woman, it teresa johnson. they say the 28-year-old suspected prostitute isn't involved in the murders in any way but they do want to talk to her to get information on the deceased suspect jeremy goulet. investigators say johnson may have been acquainted with him. now we turn to marianne favro who joins us live in santa cruz where police are still working this investigation, marianne. >> reporter: jessica, during the past two hours we have seen a steady stream of police officers and sheriff's deputies coming here to this community memorial to pay their respects and we have seen a lot of hugs exchanged. some of the officers came here after completing their first patrol shift since their fellow officers were killed. for the first time since two of their if fellow officers, sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler were killed in the line of duty, santa cruz police went back to their own duties protecting
scattered showers and yeah, more rain coming down in the san jose area and more to come maybe some thunderstorms. wouldn't that be great? >> very exciting, yeah. we also have high wind advisories in effect. chp issued wind advisories for several bridges including the bay bridge. >> the bay bridge looking nice too. >> it is. it's all sparkly. >> more on that coming up, too. >>> a patient set a small fire inside his room at san mateo general prompting evacuations and a two-hour standoff with police. officers say the patient was upset when he started the fire before 11:00 last night. hospital staff started moving patients out of the way before police arrived on scene. a s.w.a.t. team helped calm him down and took him into custody. >> from this point forward, the person has been detained, medical staff will evaluate him and figure out his situation and take it from there. >> police say the patient's room suffered some fire damage. >>> 4:30 now. a suspected carjacker is recovering after being shot by san francisco police officers in the bayview last
southbound right now and one lane in the northbound direction. we have an incident in san jose with an accident. is car is in the ditch. north 101 at the capitol expressway. crews will take care of that. westbound dumbarton bridge before the high-rise, c.h.p. is en route. otherwise, we just have road work, northbound 880 from 66 to high, the lanes are blocked road work, as well, from 23rd to high street, as well at the colisieum. katie? >> berkeley firefighters are at the scene of a fire at at restaurant considered the birthplace of california cuisine. we are live at the restaurant. how bad is the damage, amy hollyfield? >> not good. this place will be out of business for a while. the chief sank when he released what was on fire. the video came in and this was after 3:00 this morning, firefighters say when they got here the front of the building was on fire. the flames were stretching high, almost reaching the second floor and were traveling inside throughout the building. they say it looks like it started outside, not inside, nowhere near the kitchen. the fire did spread insid
. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren taking a live look over san jose. the time is 7:15. we still have clouds lingering over the western facing slopes but overall we are clearing you out quickly. done with the rain at least for now. 60 degrees in livermore. 57 degrees in fremont. some good news to bring to the table for the weekend. we have warmup ahead. bad news, a time change as well. we lose an hour of sleep on sunday. >>> that's your latest weather. lester? >> al, thanks. government watchdogs are raising new questions this morning about an advocacy group pushing president obama's agenda. are wealthy donors being promised special access to the president? nbc's chief white house correspondent chuck todd is at the white house for us. chuck, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. when it comes to barack obama's views on money and politics, his actions have rarely matched his words. with word that he wants to keep his political machine alive, how he plans on going about raising money for that group is coming under new scrutiny. when it comes to big money in politics
clouds that are broken overlooking san jose. that's what we are going to see on and off throughout the day today. you will see sunshine, a few clouds and showers going to wander through. a hi-def hi-def doppler picking up on more raindrops right now, around the santa rosa area. more showers possible throughout the day maybe even thunderstorms for tomorrow. i had my first cigarette when i was thirteen. when i found out how bad it was, i tried to quit. but i couldn't. they say nicotine isn't addictive. how can they say that? >>> it's 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." it is snowing in washington. new york and new england will be next. we're tracking the latest winter blast. >>> eye-opening women. how's this for a lineup? valerie jarrett, condoleezza rice and lesley stahl are here to talk about getting women more power in politics. >>> plus michael bolton talks about his new musical inspiration, motown. >>> first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> this is the biggest snowstorm they've had in this region in more than two years. >> a huge storm i
. an accident, now, in the san jose area, we had two incidents and northbound 85, that has been cleared and northbound 17 is in the clearing stages and bumper to bumper from half moon bay bay due to an early accident. >> we will c >> we have breaks in the cloud cover right now but there are still a few showers in the not bay near petaluma and santa rosa headed off to the east with some coming from bodega bay. winds are already starting to calm so that will not be an issue like it was this morning. we will have scattered light showers and temperatures in the mid-40's to mid-50's right now and we will top out in the mid-50's, maybe a few upper ♪ ♪ hello. >> hi, everyone, out there in times square. let's take a look at james franco. he is playing the most famous wizard ever in oz, the great and powerful. you see him right there. that's in the movie. he's going to be joining us live in just a couple of minutes. >> our elevator is big enough to handle all that. >> we have a yellow brick road too. >>> also ahead, it was a historic but disappointing performance by the first woman ever to t
and umbrella today. highs only registering in the upper 50s. 61 degrees on the way for gilroy. 56 in san jose. your 7-day outlook shows a different scenario next week. 74 on monday. >> reporter: and in the last 15 minutes, it's kind of interesting looking at how the snow has changed from these big, fat, wet, fluffy flakes to something your crystal and granular. this is going to be a very long and arduous system, savannah. >> al roker, tracking the storm flake by flake. thank you so much. >>> we move on now to the death of venezuelan president hugo chavez. he was a polarizing and outspoken figure. u.s. officials are wondering how his passing will impact relations with the oil giant. nbc's mark potter is in caracas this morning. mark, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the mood in caracas is somber as venezuelans begin seven days of national mourning. even though chavez had long been ill and news of his condition had been worsening, many here were still surprised when he died, in part because of his larger than life personality. venezuela's vice president was clearly emot
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